Entering the sunken temple of Xibalba

The ShadowSea supplement, The Stygian Depths – Lost Temple of Xibalba, is now available in print and digital format.

The Stygian Depths – Lost Temple of Xibalba (Print Version) – Antimatter Games (antimatter-games.com)

The Stygian Depths – Lost Temple of Xibalba (Digital PDF Version) – Antimatter Games (antimatter-games.com)

The Stygian Depths is a dungeon crawl adventure into the catacombs below a temple in the sunken city of Xibalba. Players build the dungeon as they explore, using amazingly detailed map tiles and drawing cards at random to determine the layout and monsters within until their reach a Quest Chamber to finish the scenario. The game is designed with 6 scenarios for solo or co-op play, with monsters following their own AI routines.

catcomb cards

2 to 4 players can also play competitively with small warbands, building the map beforehand with multiple entrances for each warband connected to a central Quest Chamber. There they will have to survive deadly Boss creatures in order to lay claim to glittering treasures.

Quest Chamber - Garden of Paradise

The main ShadowSea rulebook is not required to play as all the necessary rules for the scenery and creatures are included. Miniatures are available in the store (resin, pewter and STL versions), including the wicked snakemen and other members of the Stygian Cabal.

Come join in the adventure with any warband from ShadowSea Wars or the Uncharted Realms and see if you can survive the Lost Temple of Xibalba!

exploring the catacombs

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