Shipments and New Figures

We hope everyone is having a nice holiday and a great New Year’s party. The DeepWars mini-kicker has shipped out all of the early rewards and is moving towards the delayed shipments. Bob Olley has been working at an amazing speed to finish the DeepSpawn Reaver, Vanguard Captain and Hag-Ray, so those will go in the delayed shipment. We are giving an extra coupe of weeks to make sure we get these figures cast so they can go in the shipment. It will give us some more time to see if we can squeeze in the Dark Mariner Commander, Dire-Fish Lizard and Dagathonan Brute. Otherwise those will go in a later shipment.

On a down note, we were doing an update to the website and managed to break the shopping cart. Hopefully it will be fixed in a day or two but it may take longer. We were planning on running a sale from the store but we may run a new chip-in pledge drive for January since the December one was so short and not timed well. Either way, the Ebay store is still up and running, although not all of the products are in there.


Here is a picture of the Hag-Ray. Other pictures are coming soon for the WIP figures.


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