New ShadowSea Rules and Miniatures Progressing Well

The new version of ShadowSea funded by the last Kickstarter is progressing well and is on schedule for April. We are currently making new artwork for characters in the book, a few of which are shown below. Many of these new characters will appear in a future Kickstarter project to help produce them soon and give a broad range of figure options for ShadowSea. In addition, we have purchased the Dragonblood line from Cavalcade Wargames, which had some of the first ShadowSea-inspired miniatures, including a large number of the Dark Mariners and Draconid Legion. These are currently being sorted into production and should be ready at least by April, if not sooner.


At the bottom, there are some of the sculpts for the current starter sets scheduled for April. The sculpts are coming out great so far, and we can’t wait to see them in metal and resin.



Animist of the Axibalan Empire_sm Chimalma_sm_glow Tacapa Huitzil_sm Clal-Chk_Merc_sm Forest Giant_sm Toglodyte healer Albaxus Flametongue_vpcorbella_2.0 Firescale Lizardman Slasher_sm Firescale Lizardman Taskmaster_sm Glaurond the black Priest_vpcorbella_2 demon_slayer_1 mech_4 SONY DSC Guardian_wip04 Hunter_wip04 Sorceress_wip04

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