ShadowSea Pre-Release Pledge

The ShadowSea Kickstarter has progressed well and we are in the last stages of production, gearing up for shipments in late April. We have a pledge manager system in place using a paypal PitchIn tool for those who want add any more items to their existing pledge, or for those that still want to get in on the game at the last minute. One other benefit of adding to a pledge or joining is that there are two final miniatures for the Sunless Kingdom Deluxe Starter Set that are stretch goals, the Cochi Dark-Eye and the foul Cave troll. We are working on those right now and hope to be able to ship them as part of the Kickstarter rewards.
To add to your pledge or get in on the ShadowSea rewards, please visit the link below or click on the picture.
ShadowSea Mini-Pledge Page


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