ShadowSea Kickstarter Near Completion & New DeepWars Minis in the Store

The ShadowSea Kickstarter has done well so far, getting funded with a few days left to keep going and unlock some stretch goals so we can produce more miniatures. In addition, there are free bonus “points” as stretch rewards mixed in with the regular stretch goals. Each point is roughly equivalent to one 30mm miniature, but multiple points can be used for books, starter sets, and other items. See the rewards sections to see what points can be used for. These new stretch levels give extra bonus points for each level crossed. Simply add the bonus points to any that are already in the reward.


stretch bonus points





In addition, we have added new DeepWars miniatures to all of the forces in the store, including the Nautiloid Chrysalid and Giant Anglerfish.







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