DeepWars Shipments in Progress

AntiMatter games is doing our best to get DeepWars shipped out to Kickstarter backers and others that pledged support, as well as to Distributors. We are making progress on all of the sets now that two Dark Mariner figures have arrived to finish that starter set. Our goal is to have boxes sets and other miniatures, as well as rulebooks shipped out to everyone in the next few days so they arrive before the end of our ShadowSea Kickstarter on November 19. We regret the timing crossing over like this, as the plan was to ship out starter sets and rulebooks a bit before schedule, and many books have already been received as they are sent separately from the miniatures, but we are back to just meeting the schedule.
Here are DeepWars boxes getting packed and ready to ship. Large figures are cast in resin while smaller (28-32mm tall) figure are cast in in metal.



Here are the Dark Mariner greens (Cephalid Scientist and Cephalid Scavengers) that came in from Bob Olley. These are going to casting immediately to get the starter boxes done and out the door to DeepWars backers and stores. Also in the group is the Vanguard Heavy Support Trooper with crystal torpedo launcher.



Also going to casting as two of the commanders, the Fortune Hunter commander, Angus McBain and the Ancients of Atalán commander, Alahál the Immortal. The two other commanders are in progress. Sandy Garrity is finishing up the Scaly Horde commander. The Dark Mariner one is also in progress. If the commanders are not ready to ship in the next few days, they will ship separately later in November



Here are some new resin master castings of some of the newer DeepWars minis to show scale. The Hunter-Killer Mech Construct for the Ancients of Atalan force will be produced in resin and is ready for order now. The three smaller minis are already in production in metal and getting packaged up for shipment to DeepWars backers. They are also available in the store now.


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