The Argonaut


The Argonaut is a small submersible created by the Fortune Hunters for exploring the shallow waters of Blood Reef. It is half the size of their main deep-sea submersibles and was built quickly using spare parts and salvaged junk found on the bottom of the Shadow Sea. Construction was overseen by Dr. Wormwood though, so while the Argonaut may appear to be a slapdash hunk of junk, it is a rugged and dependable marine vehicle. Up to eight models can be transported within the pressurized hull of the Argonaut, including the pilot and gunner. Models within the sub are always wearing their dive suits when exploring Blood Reef, just in case the sub sinks. This is an unlikely situation as the Argonaut is heavily armored with thick steel plates and is bristling with weapons.

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Fortune Hunters – The Argonaut (Small Submersible and Troop Transport)

Height: 100 mm

Base:  200 mm

Sculpted by: Valerio Terranova

Painted by: E. Louchard

Casting: resin

The model comes with clear resin windows and a detailed cockpit interior with a pilot and controls.