Sunless Kingdom Warband Starter


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Sunless Kingdom

Warband Starter Set

This set of four miniatures contains a battle-tested warband for ShadowSea, ready for combat.

1 x Slithak (30mm base)

1 x Jujazca (30mm base)

1 x Lava Lizard (50mm base)

1 x Cochi Dark Eye (30mm base)

The set comes with game cards for each miniature, printed quickstart rules set, a sheet of game counters, a Warband Record Sheet and an Armory section with additional weapons that can be equipped by the warband before battle. There is also an offer to get the PDF version of the full ShadowSea rulebook.

Material: white metal with plastic bases

Packaging: Clamshell 4 x 8 x 2 inches

Country of Origin: USA