SS Cards – Dark Mariners




ShadowSea Game Cards – Dark Mariners

This is a set of Tarot-sized game cards for ShadowSea Version 2.5, and have rules information for Special Abilities, Weapons, Armor and Special Items. The pack includes:

AMG_SS2001 Dagathonan Man-Slayer

AMG_SS2002 Raider Cavern Crawler

AMG SS2003 Destroyer Biomech

AMG_SS2004 Yochloth – Stealer of Minds

AMG_SS2005 Melandil Runeseer

AMG_SS2007 Golgatha – Cephalid Remote Viewer

AMG_SS2008 Cephalid Telepath

AMG_SS2009 Leviathan

AMG_SS2010 Sawblade Raider

AMG_SS2011 Immolator Biomech

AMG_SS2012 Lightning Sniper

AMG_SS2013 Vanguard Warrior 1

AMG_SS2014 Vanguard Warrior 2

AMG_SS2015 Vanguard Commander

AMG_SS2016 Cephalid Animist

AMG_SS2017 Raider Taskmaster

AMG_SS2018 Lithiana – Queen of the Deep