Order of Yosoth warband starter set


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Order of Yosoth

Order of Yosoth warband starter set


This set of four miniatures contains a battle-tested warband for ShadowSea, ready for combat. The set includes the Iron Fist of Yosoth to lead the warband, a Priest of Yosoth to summon ethereals and command the bound Chittan, and a Corrupted Researcher to help use technology they discover.

1 x Iron Fist of Yosoth (30mm base)

1 x Priest of Yosoth (30mm base)

1 x Chittan (30mm base)

1 x Corrupted Researcher (30mm base)

The set comes with game cards for each miniature, printed quickstart rules set, a sheet of game counters and a Warband Record Sheet. There is also an offer to get the PDF version of the full ShadowSea rulebook.

Material: resin with plastic bases

Packaging: Clamshell 4 x 8 x 2 inches

Country of Origin: USA