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Grace Flynn Warband Starter Set



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Fortune Hunter

Grace Flynn Warband Starter Set


This set of four miniatures contains Grace Flynn and her crew, lost out of time in the realm of the Shadow Sea. The set includes the deadly Captain grace Flynn, her trusty first mate and alchemist Seaton, the wily and crafty Nereus Neptune and the vampiric highland lass, Blood Brona.

1 x Grace Flynn (30mm base)

1 x Seaton the Mariner (30mm base)

1 x Nereus Neptune  (30mm base)

1 x Blood Brona (30mm base)

The set comes with game cards for each miniature, printed quickstart rules set, a sheet of game counters and a Warband Record Sheet. There is also an offer to get the PDF version of the full ShadowSea rulebook.

Material: white metal with plastic bases

Packaging: box 4 x 8 x 2 inches

Country of Origin: USA