Game Mat – Coral Reef 36″ x 36″




DeepWars Seafloor Mat

Coral Reef 36\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” x 36\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”

This 36\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” x 36\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” game mat is made of sturdy and flexible vinyl, printed with the image of a detailed coral reef scene, complete with sandy zones, a drop-off to very deep water, and an exit point to the shore. The mat itself is spillproof and can be folder or rolled up easily for transport.

DeepWars rules for the map are as follows:

1. Models walking on sand use normal movement

2. Models walking on reef are on Difficult Ground, so use shorter movement stick

3. Swimming models at one Depth Level can move over reef with no penalty

4. Exit point to land is at top of one Depth Level in upper-left corner.