Tactical Combat in the Abyssal Depths

DW Cards – Scaly Horde



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DeepWars Game Cards – Scaly Horde

This is a set of Tarot-sized game cards for DeepWars Version 2.5, and have rules information for Special Abilities, Weapons, Armor and Special Items. The pack includes:

AMG DW4001 Dagathonan Salvager

AMG DW4002 Abyssal Gark Warrior

AMG DW4003 Steel-Jaw Placoderm Fish

AMG DW4004 At-Atck, Clal-Chk Scientist

AMG DW4005 Draconid Sea Demon Shaman

AMG DW4006 Dire Fish-Lizard

AMG DW4007 Dagathonan Brute

AMG DW4008 Hag-Ray

AMG DW4009 Cthan the Ravenous – Scaly Horde Commander on Mosasaur

AMG DW4011 Clal-Chk Warrior

AMG DW4012 Abyssal Gark Mangler

AMG_DW4013 Giant Anglerfish

AMG_DW4016 Draconid Sea Demon Warrior

AMG_DW4018 Dagathonan Deep Caller

AMG_DW4019 Dagathonan Reef Lord