Tactical Combat in the Abyssal Depths

DW Cards – Dark Mariners



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DeepWars Game Cards – Dark Mariners

This is a set of Tarot-sized game cards for DeepWars Version 2.5, and have rules information for Special Abilities, Weapons, Armor and Special Items. The pack includes:

AMG DW2001 Vanguard Marine

AMG DW2002 Annihilator Biomech

AMG DW2003 Octopod Stealth Biomech

AMG DW2004 Cephalid Scientist

AMG DW2005 Cephalid Scavengers

AMG DW2006 Cephalid Siren

AMG DW2007 Vanguard Heavy Support Marine

AMG DW2008 Cephalid Biomancer

AMG DW2009 Elluvi Darkeye – Dark Mariner Commander

AMG DW2012 DeepSpawn Reaver

AMG DW2013 Vanguard Captain

AMG DW2015 Nautiloid Chrysalid

AMG DW2016 Heavy Biomech Construct

AMG DW2020 Cephalid Ethermancer

AMG DW2021 Ethereal Proto-Spawn of Yosoth

AMG DW2022 Siren Maneater