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DW Cards – Ancients of Atalán


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DeepWars Game Cards – Ancients of Atalán

This is a set of Tarot-sized game cards for DeepWars Version 2.5, and have rules information for Special Abilities, Weapons, Armor and Special Items. The pack includes:

AMG DW3001 Assault Soldier

AMG DW3002 Acolyte of the Ethers

AMG DW3003 Chariniform Light Assault Mech Construct

AMG DW3004 Matlal the Elder – Technologist of Atalán

AMG DW3005 Salvage Mech Construct

AMG DW3006 Hunter-Killer Mech Construct

AMG DW3007 Elite Soldier

AMG DW3008 Xicana – Elementalist of Atalán

AMG DW3009 Alahal the Immortal – Commander of Atalán

AMG DW3011 Conjuror of the Ethers

AMG DW3012 Hydraform Light Combat Mech

AMG DW3013 Reconnaissance Scout

AMG_DW3017 Tecchuili – Captain of Atalán

AMG_DW3018 Muraniform Stealth Mech Construct

AMG_DW3019 Medic of Atalán