Tactical Combat in the Abyssal Depths

DW Cards – All Forces


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DeepWars Game Cards – All Forces

This is a set of Tarot-sized game cards for DeepWars Version 2.5, and have rules information for Special Abilities, Weapons, Armor and Special Items. The pack includes:

Fortune Hunters

AMG DW1001 Armored Dive Trooper

AMG DW1002 Marie du Chatelet – Scientist of the Ethers

AMG DW1003 Heavy Support Trooper

AMG DW1004 Breaching Mech Construct

AMG DW1005 Recon Trooper

AMG DW1006 Sea Dog

AMG DW1007 Dr. Heinrich Cornelius, Arcane Researcher

AMG DW1008 Silent Soldier

AMG DW1009 Angus McBain – Fortune Hunter Commander with communications mech card

AMG DW1011 Big Game Hunter

AMG DW1012 Mad Inventor

AMG DW1013 Templar Shadow Slayer

AMG DW1016 Medical Officer

AMG DW1018 Ironbelly Klegg – Sea Dog Captain

AMG_DW1019 Templar Sentinel of Light

AMG_DW1020 Combat Engineer

Dark Mariners

AMG DW2001 Vanguard Marine

AMG DW2002 Annihilator Biomech

AMG DW2003 Octopod Stealth Biomech

AMG DW2004 Cephalid Scientist

AMG DW2005 Cephalid Scavengers

AMG DW2006 Cephalid Siren

AMG DW2007 Vanguard Heavy Support Marine

AMG DW2008 Cephalid Biomancer

AMG DW2009 Elluvi Darkeye – Dark Mariner Commander

AMG DW2012 DeepSpawn Reaver

AMG DW2013 Vanguard Captain

AMG DW2015 Nautiloid Chrysalid

AMG DW2016 Heavy Biomech Construct

AMG DW2020 Cephalid Ethermancer

AMG DW2021 Ethereal Proto-Spawn of Yosoth

AMG DW2022 Siren Maneater

Ancients of Atalán

AMG DW3001 Assault Soldier

AMG DW3002 Acolyte of the Ethers

AMG DW3003 Chariniform Light Assault Mech Construct

AMG DW3004 Matlal the Elder – Technologist of Atalán

AMG DW3005 Salvage Mech Construct

AMG DW3006 Hunter-Killer Mech Construct

AMG DW3007 Elite Soldier

AMG DW3008 Xicana – Elementalist of Atalán

AMG DW3009 Alahal the Immortal – Commander of Atalán

AMG DW3011 Conjuror of the Ethers

AMG DW3012 Hydraform Light Combat Mech

AMG DW3013 Reconnaissance Scout

AMG_DW3017 Tecchuili – Captain of Atalán

AMG_DW3018 Muraniform Stealth Mech Construct

AMG_DW3019 Medic of Atalán

Scaly Horde

AMG DW4001 Dagathonan Salvager

AMG DW4002 Abyssal Gark Warrior

AMG DW4003 Steel-Jaw Placoderm Fish

AMG DW4004 At-Atck, Clal-Chk Scientist

AMG DW4005 Draconid Sea Demon Shaman

AMG DW4006 Dire Fish-Lizard

AMG DW4007 Dagathonan Brute

AMG DW4008 Hag-Ray

AMG DW4009 Cthan the Ravenous – Scaly Horde Commander on Mosasaur

AMG DW4011 Clal-Chk Warrior

AMG DW4012 Abyssal Gark Mangler

AMG_DW4013 Giant Anglerfish

AMG_DW4016 Draconid Sea Demon Warrior

AMG_DW4018 Dagathonan Deep Caller

AMG_DW4019 Dagathonan Reef Lord

Nereids of Blood Reef

AMG_DW7001 Cymopoleia – Nereid Sorceress

AMG_DW7002 Eidothera – Nereid Captain

AMG_DW7003 Nereid gaurdian of the reef

AMG_DW7004 Nereid Treasure seeker

AMG_DW7006 Beast of Blood Reef, Giant Shark

AMG_DW7010 Triton Berserker

AMG_DW7011 Amatheia – Caller of the Deep (shark has separate card)

AMG_DW7012 Icthelion, Lord of the Seas

AMG_DW7013 Kalypso, the Hidden one

AMG_DW7014 Sea Serpent

AMG_DW7015 Silver Death

AMG_DW7016 Giant Mantis Shrimp

AMG_DW8001 Sawblade Goblin Warrior

AMG_DW8002 Spearhunter Goblin Warrior

AMG_DW8003 Sea Goblin Poacher