DeepWars – Darkstar Rift 2-player Starter (Boxed Set)



4 Resin Nereids (Thelexia – Nereid Captain, Sea Goblin Deep Scourge, Nereid Sea Shaman, Giant Armored Leopard Seal)
4 Resin Fortune Hunter (Isabella Johannes – Adventuring Scientist, Scipio Aqualis – Captain of the Deep Legion, Hvy Assault Dive trooper, Iron Tempest Mech Construct)
2 Resin sharks (Gray Reef Sharks), 2 Resin Cordoba Squid
8 Warband model cards
10 Creature model cards
10 Special Operation cards
1 Dry erase marker
4 Maps 18 x 24 inch
2 Warband Record Sheets
Printed status markers
Printed scenery & Wild Creature markers
Printed movement sticks
3 six-sided dice
56 page rulebook with a campaign of 8 scenarios


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DeepWars – 2-player starter boxed set – Darkstar Rift

DeepWars – Darkstar Rift is a two-player introduction to the DeepWars miniatures game. Two players battle in the deadly waters of an underground ocean known as the Shadow Sea, searching for the lost treasures of Darkstar Rift. Battles take place in a deadly underwater forest, amid sunken ruins, within a volcanic rift zone, and finally in an ancient submarine port split apart by a dimensional vortex. The game includes four seafloor maps for the different environments and a narrative campaign with warband and character advancement.

Games are played using models representing adventurers, bio-mechanical constructs, wild sea creatures and vehicles.There are two warbands included in the boxed set, the Fortune Hunters, and the Nerieds. Each has four models that come pre-printed in resin and have their own game cards with special abilities and statistics.

The game includes three 6-sided dice, maps for the scenarios, miniatures for the two competing warbands, printed measurement sticks for movement and measuring range, printed cardstock game counters and markers for treasure and scenic features.

The boxed set also includes two pre-printed resin Gray Reef sharks and two Cordoba Squid as wild sea creatures. These hunt both of the warbands, adding an extra survival mechanic to gameplay. Wild creatures may be killed but more are drawn to the battle by the scent of blood. In addition, the game includes paper markers to use for large wild creatures, such as the massive Swordtooth Sea Drake in the shallow waters and the Ethereal Eye in the darkness of the abyss.

The setting is in an alternate version of the world in the the late 17th century, many years after the initial discovery of an underground world located miles underneath lands of perpetual ice and snow with a mysterious ocean called the Shadow Sea. The subsequent recovery of ancient technology by human explorers, the Fortune Hunters, has fueled the development of advanced undersea vehicles and personal dive suits that allow adventurers to explore previously inaccessible areas of the deep ocean floor and locate tunnels that connect the underground sea to the oceans of the surface lands. The Fortune Hunters are not alone however, as other non-human forces have been drawn by the lure of ancient treasures.

DeepWars – Darkstar Rift is about fun and fast gameplay, with scenarios lasting from 30 to 60 minutes. The rules are designed to be modular, so they are easy to learn but have enough complexity that players can game in a variety of styles, blasting their opponents, stealthily sneaking into ruins to steal artifacts, or wielding Ethereal Magic spells to control the minds of their foes. Whether you are a novice to tabletop gaming or an experienced player, the game provides exciting adventure and is a fun way to spend an evening with friends.