Tactical Combat in the Abyssal Depths

Download – Blood Reef Map



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DeepWars Map File: Blood Reef

This is an image file for Blood Reef that can be downloaded and printed for DeepWars. Anyone purchasing this file can print it as many times as they wish, at any size, and may edit as desired, as long as the AntiMatter Games and DeepWars logos are not obscured. The file comes in RGB format at 300 dpi (24″x24″ with 1/4″ bleed) and may require translation to CMYK by some print shops, something the printer should be able to do.

When using this map, the orange areas are considered to be at the surface of the water and blue areas are at Depth Level 0. Crossing the top of these reefs requires one action to swim up from the seafloor and one to swim over. The reefs count as Difficult Ground to cross. The top of one large temple is out of the water and may be walked across by Amphibious models.