Novels set in the DeepWars and ShadowSea universe

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    Citadel of Gold

    The Principality of the Lowlands is losing its war for independence. Terrifying new weapons wrested from the underground world of the ShadowSea give the oppressors of the Cordovan Kingdom a decisive advantage.The only hope is for the Lowlands to send its own expedition to the ShadowSea. If the explorers can find the cache of war machines said to exist in a fabled golden citadel, the rebels may yet turn the tide.A young officer named Bram Korthais is eager to join the expedition but has no idea of the perils awaiting him. Alongside Esmee, a foundling from the world of the ShadowSea with a gift for magic, he’ll face strange beasts, warriors from lost civilizations, the products of unearthly science, and diabolical sorcery. But the greatest danger of all may be the treachery that threatens the expedition from within.ShadowSea is a world of fantastic adventure and cosmic horror with a steampunk sensibility. Seekers of the Golden Citadel is the first volume in The Mask of Night, a trilogy by Richard Lee Byers, a veteran fantasy and horror writer.