New Items in Store

New Items in Store


Some new scenic terrain pieces have been added to the store for ShadowSea and DeepWars, including multiple types of giant mushrooms, jagged crystal outcroppings and highly detailed Treasure Tokens full of gold coins and artifacts. In addition, the new miniatures for the Draconid Legion for ShadowSea are available for order.


Crystal Outcroppings – DeepWars

Fungal Patch and Individual Mushrooms – ShadowSea

Treasure Tokens – ShadowSea

Explosive Fungal Pods – ShadowSea


Jade Salamander 60mm tall
Jade Salamander 60mm tall


Albaxus Flametongue -50 mm tall
Titanoceratops - 150mm long
Titanoceratops – 150mm long


Harlequin Burglar - 28mm tall
Harlequin Burglar – 28mm tall



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