DeepWars Shallow Shelf Zone Battleboard with Minis

What we have here today is the finished battle board for the Shallow Shelf zone in DeepWars, a region of coral, sand and clear waters. The game board was made by Richard Hale of Battleboards UK and will be at Gencon for demos starting August 15. We took some shots of the board with minis before it was packed up. This scene shows a couple of Dark Mariners fighting against creatures of the Scaly Horde.


First, the board itself. This zone has reef areas and plenty of bare sand to put things like Doom Clams and other dangerous terrain bits. The map itself is 36″ x 36″, made up of four sections. The sand is flat enough and has enough space to place a small Temple of the Ancients kit, something that we will likely do with this map for Gencon. A particularly nice touch is the dropoff to the Abyssal Zone at the edge of the map, indicated by the darker color for deeper water and the rough texture of the rock wall leading down into the darkness of the deep ocean.



Now for the battle. This would be a very small skirmish, with two Dark Mariners, the Annihiltor Biomech and Deep-Spawn Reaver Biomech fighting against a three Scaly Horde creatures, a Dire Fish-Lizard, Abyssal Gark and Hag-Ray. Also on the map are some Anklebiter Barnacles, nasty terrain bits that bite down on any unwary divers.








Higher resolution pictures are on the facebook site


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