DeepWars rewards shipped – now ShadowSea begins

We have shipped all of the Kickstarter rewards, along with anything from the Chip-in drive, including the anglerfish and the other unlocked minis. Shipments went out from the 10th to the 12th, so many of the US backers should be getting their items already. International backers will be a little longer.
Thanks again to all Kickstarter backers and those just getting into the game for helping make DeepWars grow into a product that is now getting into many distributions channels, including the big one in the US, Alliance games. This means DeepWars will be available to practically any local game store with their regular orders. This is a major milestone that will help keep growing the game in the future.

What we hope is that many of you will help back the next kickstarter project, ShadowSea – Conquest of the Underlands, which will be a companion game to DeepWars and take the battle back on shore in the lost world of the Underlands, beneath the frozen Southern Pole. Many of the DeepWars miniatures will be able to function on land in ShadowSea, so players can mix and match to make interesting looking warbands that can navigate the land and water terrain of ShadowSea. Here is a link to the Kickstarter, which has just started and will end on October 31st.



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