DeepWars Home Stretch

As with baseball now closing in on the World Series, we are nearing the home stretch for DeepWars. Here are some more tidbits for DeepWars, and some concept art for ShadowSea, which will launch its Kickstarter very soon. The miniatures below are the last of the Dark Mariners, including two replacements for miniatures lost in the mail, sculpted by the great Bob Olley.


Dark Mariners – Cephalid Scavengers


Dark Mariners – Cephalid Scientist


Dark Mariners – Vanguard Heavy Support Trooper


Fortune Hunter – Arcane Researcher




Concept art for Sunless Kingdom – This is a wild and savage force that sells its services to the other forces, for a few pieces of gold. They are not the most trustworthy allies though.


Big Nasty Cave Troll


Clal-Chk Scientist


Cochi Dark-Eye


Troglodyte Witch Doctor


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