Custom Characters in DeepWars and ShadowSea

One thing we would like to point out about ShadowSea is that it is very flexible in the way it handles characters. All of the primary characters and monsters in the game are built using a point system that is included in the rules. The 1st
edition of ShadowSea has this, as does DeepWars, although it takes it further and allows customizable armor and weapons, and potentially custom tech items and artifacts. The new ShadowSea version will included these additions.


So what does this do for the game? It allows players to design their own warbands from scratch to match with any miniatures they have laying around. This has always been the beauty of the Song of Blades and Heroes game system, the core rules “engine” in DeepWars and ShadowSea.


In addition, warbands that win or succeed in certain objectives during a campaign can improve with experience, increasing ability or gaining new skills with. Scientists can also design new tech items or upgrade existing weapons and armor using “Victory Points” gained from each battle scenario.


A couple of sections from DeepWars that detail these options are here.

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