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Started in 2010, AntiMatter Games is dedicated to producing quality tabletop games with rules that are quick to pick up and play but still have tactical depth, as well as miniatures and scenery with top level sculpting and casting. AntiMatter Games strives for the highest quality and we hope that you enjoy our products.

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  • Wormwood’s Marauders – Warband Pack

    Fortune Hunters

    Wormwood’s Marauders – Warband Pack

    This set of three miniatures contains a warband compatible with DeepWars – Battle of Deadwood Forest. The warband is led by Professor Aldarius Wormwood, a renowned scientist and adventurer. He is protected by a massive Iron Conqueror mech construct, which can turn enemies to slag with its Greek Fire Cannon. A sneaky Pirate Adventurer rounds out the warband and helps them recover ancient artifacts.

    1 x Professor Aldarius Wormwood (30mm base)

    1 x Iron Conqueror Mech Construct (50mm base – 60mm tall resin model)

    1 x Pirate Adventurer (resin, 30mm base)

    point total: 304

    The set comes with game cards for each miniature, printed quickstart rules set, a sheet of game counters, measurement sticks and a Warband Record Sheet. There is also an offer to get the PDF version of the full rulebook.

    Material: Wormwood is white metal, Iron Conqueror and Pirate Adventurer are resin. All come with plastic bases

    Packaging: Clamshell 4 x 8 x 2 inches