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AntiMatter Games at Gencon & the DeepWars Video Game

July 26, 2015

AntiMatter Games will be at Gencon next week in the main hall at booth 2837, running demos for DeepWars and ShadowSea. There will be a full stock of starters sets, individual miniatures, books and scenery on sale. This will be a great opportunity to get players into our game world and we hope to see you there. Click on the photo below for the bigger image of the map.




We will have multiple demo tables there so players can test out both the underwater combat of DeepWars and the battles in a lost underground world in ShadowSea,




In other news, AntiMatter Games is proud to announce that Tarnished Studios has licensed the DeepWars property and will be producing a video game version for multiple platforms. This turn-based strategy game will have a fully rendered 3D undersea environment with destructible scenery and will feature single and multi-player battles and campaigns with fully customizable warbands from four forces. Victorious warbands can buy and research more powerful weapons and abilities and progress deeper into the Shadow Sea.

The video game is starting development right now but a website has just been launched with some information and screenshots at




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