ShadowSea Kickstarter Post-funding Pledges

ShadowSea Kickstarter Post-funding Pledges

With the final burst at the end we unlocked a couple more miniatures and the bonus stretch goal for the ShdowSea Kickstarter. For those who want add any more items to their existing pledge, please visit our Mini-pledge manager page, running until early December. Here, anything added via Paypal with the Pitch-in button will go towards unlocking miniatures we missed during the Kickstarter.


ShadowSea Mini-Pledge Page


If anything new is unlocked, it can be added to the pledge also. New backers can join in here as well, although they get fewer bonus points than the original backers did. The free points from the 25K stretch level are also not applied for any pledge modifications or new backers as those were just for the original Kickstarter run. So far, Jujazca the Wise has been unlocked and progress has been made towards the Gark Gutripper.


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